one year ago
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Hi guys I need help!!! First off I live in Alabama and for here the humidity is low, only 51% during the summer it is usually 70% - 90% (70% is a low estimate.) I started selling bath and beauty products about 4 months ago and everything was going great until today... For the past week I have been making soaps and other things so no issues. That is until today!!! I need to make several batches of bath bombs and shower fizzies for a show I'm doing in a couple of weeks and UUUGGGHHH they are expanding no matter what I do! I usually make mine with witch hazel and have lowered the amount to the point they barely hold together. I realize epsom salt attracts moisture so I have left that out to see and still within a few minutes they all have muffin tops. Any ideas? Any and all help will be greatly appreciated!!