one year ago
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Today I tried pressing shampoo bars with the two-part mold using Ariane’s recipe that I purchased from you. I wrapped both parts of my mold in plastic and the bars released nicely. I did, however, have some difficulty filling the mold prior to pressing (lots of spilling product) and found it nearly impossible to press a full, neat bar. I increased the pressure to about 70psi and tried using an ice cream scoop to fill the mold, which helped some. My best bars were pressed, topped off with more product and then pressed again. I am hoping to successfully press shampoo bars with only one pass per bar and am wondering if you can share any tips for successfully working with a two-part mold? Thank you

Day Two: I’d say the issue was with my mixture. Rather than firming up and drying overnight, pressed bars were not holding together at all, so I crumbled them into a microwave-safe mixing bowl and heated for two minutes. I removed the bowl from the microwave, mixed and squished briefly, then was able to really mound the mixture into the bottom portion of the mold and press successfully. The trick is to work with a WARM mixture, reheat briefly if needed.