10 months ago
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bathbombpress wrote:
Here is a tip from Michael from The Trimmed Wick. I hope this helps everyone.

"we finally got it to work and pressed out over 500 bombs today.  After all I have read, and all you told me, you won't believe the remedy, but it is perfect every time!
We  mix the Sodium Bicarbonate and Citric acid together. Spritz in alcohol until it is just about to clump in your hand when squeezed. Then we  add oils, salt, and fragrance.  It is just enough more moisture to firm  it up for pressing. If we add the salt and oils in the dry material it  failed every time.

One  thing we did notice when spritzing is to work the material a little  longer before adding more. Keep mixing. We also found that letting it  rest for a couple minutes before starting to press helped it a lot."

Goes against everything I ever read anywhere, but it has worked flawless for us.

When do you add in the colorant / Mica?